Urbanization, high-informational industry and high-density, these elements have been destroying the global environment. In a word, human has sought for the thermal comfort and high efficient economy, and as a result of it, the environmental destruction has been in a worse condition.
The architectures, especially in a building equipment fields, try to improve the neighboring environment and pursue its comfort about the air and water mainly. On the other hands, it also seems to be an important element to destroy the environment.
At the designing of building equipment, ZO consulting engineers executes to reduce the elements which bring about the environmental destruction and aim at energy conservation and natural resources conservation, and also executes to support the design intention of architect by designing building equipment with thorough understanding of architectural design.
If architecture is likened to the human being, building equipment seems to conform with the respiratory organs, digestive organs and the nervous system. Such as these parts of body occupy the main cause of human disease, building equipment often will be the cause of impediment. Therefore, ZO strives to design the building equipment which is simple and ease to reform and improve while the architecture is existing.
On the basis of the above mentions, ZO provides to the general services to the design and superintendence and executes to fulfill the particular requests from a client.

Seizo Kakinuma

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